our story

A more equitable and just society emerges when we support one another and join together in community.  We, as students, activists, and community members draw on experts, history, and past struggles for progress to advance change.

The Take Action Institute is a passion project that emerged in collaboration with change agents committed to ending prejudice and bigotry. We look to the Institute for resources to support our own missions. We collaborate and drive the content and tools the Take Action Institute offers. We are the catalysts for change and we are using the power of the Take Action Institute to generate a broader coalition of youth to join our movement.

Our Mission


The Take Action Institute is a resource center that serves as a collaborative space for students, activists, community partners and educators to share knowledge. Guided by the lessons of the Holocaust and vision for a just and caring community, TAI supports student movements that take action against all forms of prejudice and bigotry.


Because we provide the tools and resources, we enable students to take action when they see something that doesn’t align with their core values.


Because we believe in what we’re doing, we won’t stop until we accomplish our goals. 


Because we are working towards a just and caring world, we are passionate about making it happen.


Because our knowledge and experience are at the center of everything we do, we inspire positive change in our communities.


Because we envision a world free from prejudice & bigotry, we aspire to share our messages with other regardless of their differences. 

Our Vision

Students engaged in activism reap educational benefits such as staying active in political participation, developing a greater sense of social responsibility, and a more positive self-identity, as shown by research. Furthermore, they experience higher critical thinking, more civic engagement and commitment to their community at large.

The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida is uniquely positioned to engage its mission of using the history and lessons from the Holocaust to build a just and caring community free of antisemitism, and all forms of prejudice and bigotry with today’s youth.

The organization is preparing to move to a new, state of the art museum to be located in the heart of downtown Orlando – the world’s largest tourist destination. Newly named, the Holocaust Museum for Hope and Humanity, the organization will be a rallying place creating leaders by focusing on the change each person can make in their community (and the world) by small but powerful changes they can make inside themselves.

As part of its capacity building and sustainability strategy, the Museum announces the Take Action Institute (TAI); a mentoring, leadership, and research institution providing resources and tools for the next generation. Through the power of testimonies and lessons from the Holocaust, the institute will produce curriculum, conferences and training engaging high school and college students to develop and build necessary skills.

A Steering Committee has been appointed by the Board of Directors of the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida (the current organization) to oversee all activities of the institute.



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Dedicater Volunteers



We are hardworking and passionate about social justice. We value respect, kindness and are enthusiastic about making our communities (and the people in them) stronger. We employ a growth mindset to advance justice in our community.  We are working to make a difference.

Community Partners


We partner with advocacy groups and non-profit organizations who embody and live TAI’s mission and values, and who will enthusiastically increase TAI’s visibility within their communities and networks. Additionally, we will develop relationships with organizations that welcome the skillsets our student advocates provide to advance their mission.



People and organizations whose values are strongly aligned with TAI’s core values, who are enthusiastic and passionate about education, and the TAI vision. They aren’t just a financial resource but serve as change agents by creating and deepening community connections. Because they have experiences that resonate strongly with the TAI mission, they are partners who want to build and strengthen long-term relationshipS with TAI.



High schools, colleges and universities that see education as a holistic endeavor that is most successful when students are challenged to build their academic ability within and outside of academic boundaries. They know that academic and emotional development as well as social responsibility are not only equally important, but inextricably tied. On a programmatic level, these educators teach and champion socially aware curriculum, clubs and activities on campus, with a big focus on creating a healthy, strong community both on and off campus.