our story

A more equitable society emerges when we join together. The Take Action Institute Conference is a site of collaboration to advance change for our communities and to find like-minded change agents to work with!

Our Mission


The Take Action Institute conference brings together a collaborative community of youth and organizational partners to address issues important to them. 

We are guided by the lessons of the Holocaust, especially the role that ordinary people can play in bringing about extraordinary change.




We work for justice and compassion in the world, and we are passionate about bringing people together to make it happen.


We unapologetically use the tools of historical inquiry to ask tough questions about the roots of ongoing social issues and challenging problems.


We provide tools and resources to enable everyone to walk confidently into their life experiences knowing they have the ability to make a difference.


We actively name forms of intolerance and bigotry, and we aspire to bring everyone into the conversation regardless of differences. 

Our Vision


The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida examines the history and lessons of the Holocaust to build a just and caring community free of antisemitism and all forms of prejudice and bigotry.  As part of this goal, the Take Action Institute Conference serves as a capacity-building opportunity that puts the voices of youth at the center of its planning and goals. 



International Awards


Dedicater Volunteers


Successful Campaigns


Dedicater Volunteers



We are here for youth who are passionate about living their values everyday and are enthusiastic about making society stronger. We support them in making a difference in the things they care about in their own  communities and the world.

Community Partners


We partner with groups who share our organizational mission and values, and who will enthusiastically advance the Conference’s goals within their communities and networks. We seek to foster youth integration into community networks and vice versa.