Stebrina Kisingiri

Student Board Co-Chair
Stebrina Kisingiri serves as the co-chair of the Take Action Institute, and is a global citizen studying Economics and Spanish with a Certificate of Community Engagement at Stetson University. She is vastly involved with the Bonner Leaders Program on campus, an organization dedicated to giving students access to higher education in return for a commitment of community engagements. Stebrina has been serving economically disadvantaged communities in countries like the Czech Republic, Guatemala, Kenya, Uganda, and the USA; and empowering youth on top of creating skeletons for leadership curriculums. In her DeLand community, she leads Bonner volunteers serving a local non-profit clinic by strategizing organizational goals, developing outreach communities, and improving internal communication processes. Stebrina is passionate about sustainability and poverty in developing countries and hopes to study Environmental Economics and Sustainability for her Graduate program. For fun, Stebrina enjoys watching anime, cooking, and baking with and for friends

Kayley Klatt

Student Board Co-Chair
Kayley Klatt serves as the co-chair of the Take Action Institute, and is a champion for bullying prevention exploring business management and international business at Rollins College. She is the current Miss St. Petersburg’s Outstanding Teen with the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization, which focuses its efforts on “preparing great women for the world and the world for great women.” Kayley is the CEO and founder of her business, Kayley Klatt Consulting, where she creates social graphics for clients looking to increase their digital footprint. She is the host of her own podcast known as The Choose Kindness Podcast. Through the podcast she educates all generations on the effects of bullying and the importance of being intentionally kind. At Rollins College, she is a proud member of the Accelerated Management Program and hopes to obtain her Master’s in Business a year early. In her free time, Kayley loves spending time in the Florida sun and rewatching Grey’s Anatomy.

Sam Bernbaum

Bias & Bigotry Reduction Issue Network Co-Chair
Sam Bernbaum is a sophomore at Winter Park High School enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Programme. Sam is passionate about fighting bias and bigotry through education and dialogue. He is the founder of the Principal’s Advisory Council at his school, working against discrimination through a student-administration partnership. He is also the founder of the organization Youth vs. Hate, a youth-led organization giving teens the tools to fight hate speech and become activists and organizers. At Winter Park High School, Sam is actively involved in the debate team as well as his school’s Beta Club, a service club focused on helping the underprivileged in his community. In the future he hopes to continue down a path of political activism hoping to major in political science or international affairs. In his free time, Sam enjoys playing club and school volleyball as well as watching Survivor.

Omar Becerril

Marketing Committee Co-Chair; Economic Inequity Issue Network Co-Chair
Omar Becerril is a strong advocate for immigrant and Hispanic/Latinx rights. He was born in Mexico and currently resides in Orlando, where he is majoring in Political Science and minoring in Intelligence and National Security at the University of Central Florida. He is actively involved on campus through the Executive Branch of Student Government and various other clubs like Mexican Student Association and Esports at UCF. Outside of campus, he works alongside the Consulate of Mexico in Orlando to better inform and assist DACA and DREAMER students in Florida. Omar is passionate about farmworkers’ rights and bringing the American dream to the fingertips of every family and immigrant in America. In his free time, he loves to learn about political history and binge on shows like The Last Kingdom. He hopes to continue his leadership and advocacy through politics or as a Foreign Service officer.

Asha Budhai

Logistics Committee Co-Chair; Community Health & Wellness Issue Network Co-Chair
Asha Budhai is a determined leader studying psychology, pre-law, and creative writing at Rollins College. She is involved in Embark, a cohort based student development program for underrepresented individuals; Rotaract Club, a club that focuses on community service and leadership development; Best Buddies Club, an inclusivity-focused club for individuals with disabilities and in partnership with the Arbor School to help form friendships and build awareness within the community with kids who have disabilities; an Accessibility & Inclusion Task Force that accommodate, educates, and advocates for an all-inclusive Rollins College community; The Fox Slam, a creative writing and poetry club; and lastly, as an Indo-Guyanese (Indian and Caribbean) she is in a Caribbean Student Association. The issues she is passionate about radiate through some of the above-mentioned organizations. She hopes to be able to advocate more for individuals with disabilities, concentrate on developmental psychology and children’s mental health after earning a PhD in that area, and attending law school to understand and represent the unrepresented. In her free time, she loves to spend time with people she loves and also enjoys her alone time and relaxation.

Brooke Chepnick

Outreach Committee Co-Chair
Brooke Chepnick is a junior at Winter Park High School. She is interested in combating social injustices and ignorance with education, specifically Israel and Holocaust education to combat anti-semitism. “As a jewish teen in high school and in the 21st century, it is hard to believe the plentiful amount of antisemitism, ignorance, and bigotry still present today. Silence just leads to the continuation of the same false information and ignorance we see today, making it important to stand up, speak the truth, and speak about what is right and wrong in this world today. Then, figuring out, with this institute for example, what we can do to fix it.”

Ella Colley

Marketing Committee Co-Chair
Ella Colley is a sophomore at the University of Central Florida studying human communications with a focus on social activism. Ella is very passionate about working towards social justice, especially in the area of gun violence prevention. She became involved with the Take Action Institute last year, because she felt compelled to do her part in helping the world become a better place for others. She loves helping other like-minded students find their passion, as well as providing opportunities for students. She serves as one of the student employees for the Take Action Institute, working on social media and marketing. She is a member of a sorority at UCF, and in her free time, likes to spend time with her family and dogs, paint, and hang out with friends.
Mackenzie Coultoff

Mackenzie Coultoff

Education & Youth Empowerment Issue Network Co-Chair
Mackenzie Coultoff is a high school student interested in politics, economics and sociology. She is an avid musician, and a member of her school’s orchestra, jazz band, and drum line as well as a community orchestra. Outside of school, she is dedicated to working with children to help them become the best they can be. Mackenzie works as a gymnastics coach and is a teacher’s assistant for her synagogue’s 7th grade cohort. For fun, she enjoys hanging out with her dog, Raymond, and going on long walks.

Milani Ellis

Citizenship & Civic Engagement Issue Network Co-Chair
Milani Ellis is a sophomore Center for International Studies & dual enrollment student at Dr. Phillips High School.She hopes to obtain a Master’s in International Studies with a minor in Political Science to meet her future career goal as a diplomat.Milani is passionate about many issues in her community concerning the mistreatment of minorities.This ultimately led to her making the decision to join Take Action as a co chair for the Civic Engagement, Equity and Justice Network.

Sofia Francisco

Bias & Bigotry Reduction Issue Network Co-Chair
Sofia Francisco was originally born in Tacloban City, Philippines, and her family moved to the States when she was 5 so the majority of her life has been in Central Florida. She attended Rollins College in which she studied Anthropology with a Minor in Psychology to gain a cross-cultural understanding of the world. During her Rollins career, she was heavily involved in Immersion, which is Rollins’ Alternative Break program. This program focuses on “educating students for global citizenship and responsible leadership” through engaging in service learning projects both locally and nationally. She began as a participant her sophomore year, then later worked in Immersion’s Executive Team as a Student Coordinator. She graduated a semester early and now post-undergrad, she continues work in community engagement at Rollins College with her new position as their AmeriCorps Public Ally Program Coordinator. Her work with Immersion and Public Allies fueled her passion and drive to exercise relevant skills toward working in the nonprofit sector as she is passionate about giving back to underrepresented and underserved communities.
Preston Flitner

Preston Flittner

Citizenship & Civic Engagement Issue Network Co-Chair
Preston Flittner is a sophomore at Bishop Moore High School. At Bishop Moore he plays varsity lacrosse. Outside of school he is passionate about civic engagement and the importance of being open minded and creating healthy conversation about important issues. In his free time he enjoys watching new tv shows.

Andre Graves

Logistics Committee Co-Chair
Andre Graves is an International Baccalaureate student studying at University High School. He is actively involved with the Orlando Science Center and Raymi Peruvian Dance School to promote cultural and scientific education. Furthermore, Andre is passionate in promoting the availability of quality education to all. At his school, he is a member of the varsity swim team and the president of Key Club. In his free time, he enjoys 3D modeling designs and creating solutions to problems that plague our everyday lives. He hopes to pursue a degree that will allow him to march scientific innovation forward to provide equality in our society.

KC Hampton

Content Committee Co-Chair
KC Hampton is a full time student at Full Sail University, striving after her creative writing degree, writing stories and poetry that give a voice to mental health and various subjects in politics that need to be heard. In her spare time she volunteers at Give Kids The World Village, where she gets the pleasure of being a part of spreading joy to children and their families while they’re on vacation. Her passion is to bring awareness with her words and bring people of all backgrounds together. Family is the most important thing, with her puppy Buca being her entire world, driving her to make this world a better place for animals and the generation to come.

Capone Hodo

Outreach Committee Co-Chair; Environmental Sustainability Issue Network Co-Chair
Capone Hodo is from Avon Park, Florida, and graduated from Walker Memorial Academy in 2020. He was on the school’s basketball team for most of Middle and High school, and was passionate about going into sports, but after graduating high school, decided he wanted to be in the healthcare field. He is a second year at AdventHealth University studying to be an Occupational Therapy Assistant. On campus he is a member of the school’s campus ministries working in the Outreach department. He currently works for a non profit organization called SALT Outreach as an Outreach Assistant. Capone is very passionate about working with the homeless population and being an advocate for mental health. His favorite food is pizza and he enjoys watching and playing sports. His favorite sports teams are the Las Vegas Raiders and Orlando Magic.

Jemma Raner

Community Health & Wellness Issue Network Co-Chair
Jemma Raner is a second-year student at AdventHealth University who is studying to be an occupational therapist. She is passionate about community health and wellbeing and believes her calling is in the healthcare field. She believes that community health and wellness are a direct reflection of the people. That is why she thinks that it is important to promote a sense of unity and kinship to move forward to live cohesively on this planet together. Amidst the pandemic, Jemma was a guest on Travis Timmons’s podcast Keeping It Positive, where she discussed finding balance and delved into the importance of practicing self-care. She also has written a blog post for her school where she breaks down the stigmas of first-generation college students. Jemma hopes to get her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy to work in an outpatient rehabilitation pediatrics clinic. For fun, Jemma enjoys participating in taking aerial silks classes, being outside, eating food, and spending time with her family and friends.
Lesley Roberts

Lesley Roberts

Content Committee Co-Chair
Lesley Roberts is an education and youth leadership advocate from Orlando, Florida. She is a senior in Winter Park High School’s International Baccalaureate Programme. Lesley is actively involved in Odyssey of the Mind, a creative thinking and problem-solving organization where she competed internationally for six years. Most recently in Odyssey, she served as a coach of the Audubon Park Elementary School team and judged at the Florida State Finals Tournament. Currently, Lesley works alongside the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center as a patron experience volunteer. She founded The Tales Project, a community service organization that empowers students’ writing and reading through multilingual storytelling. Upon graduation, Lesley hopes to major in political science and economics. For fun, she enjoys practicing Kendo and listening to podcasts.

Kathia Serrano

Economic Inequity Issue Network Co-Chair
Kathia Serrano is a junior at Cypress Creek High School in the IB magnet program. She is passionate about sustainability, women’s rights, and systemic poverty. At school, she is actively involved in Eco Club, donating excess food to those in need. She hopes to pursue a career in food sciences to create sustainable nutrition that is accessible to all people and the planet. In her free time she enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, and listening to Taylor Swift.

Isha Thakkar

Logistics Committee Co-Chair; Environmental Sustainability Issue Network Co-Chair
Isha Thakkar is a 10th grade student at Winter Park High School. At Winter Park High she is a member of the creative writing club and also takes a creative writing class. She is a tutor for Army of Angels, where she tutors students across Orange County on various subjects. She also writes letters to the wonderful people at Westminster Assisted Living. She has won many awards for her painting and drawing skills at the Central Florida Fair and is pursuing her interest in art on the side. She is also pursuing her interest in environmental sustainability by continuing to learn through books and documentaries. In her free time, she enjoys reading, biking, and watching movies.
Hamza Zeini

Hamza Zeini

Hamza Zeini is a freshman studying Chemistry at Rollins College. He is a proud member of the campus’s Bonner Leader Program, through which he is now an established volunteer for Advent Health as well as Westminster Communities of Florida’s Foundation Ambassador. He also is a part of two club soccer teams specializing in the starting position of: left bench. Hamza is passionate about social issues relating to homelessness, child development, and healthcare accessibility. He does his due diligence by volunteering at meal packing events and tormenting all 18 of his younger cousins. For fun, he likes to imagine how it would be to switch majors and experience free time.