The Choose Kindness Podcast

Project Name: The Choose Kindness Podcast

Student: Kayley Klatt

Project Details: The Bullying Prevention Platform is something I don’t take very lightly. As a target of bullying, I understand the long-lasting effects that linger well after the harassment is over. The Choose Kindness Podcast is a podcast that I founded in August of 2020 to educate all generations on the effects of bullying. It highlights stories of kindness, what it means to choose kindness or be intentionally kind, and gives people the opportunity to share their experiences with bullying. Through interviews with guests, I am aiming to manifest never-ending kindness and spread joy and positivity every day.

The Choose Kindness Podcast can be found on all podcast streaming services! You can also learn more about it and get notified every time a new episode is published by following me on Instagram ( or Facebook (@Miss St.Petersburg’s Outstanding Teen – Kayley Klatt). If you have a guest in mind or would like to share your personal story on The Choose Kindness Podcast, feel free to connect with me by visiting Remember to stay strong, always focus on the light, and to choose kindness forever and always!


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